The Hanging Gardens of Malindi

Welcome to the wonderful world of Garden Art & Design, where attention to detail is the name of the game. Taking advantage of the natural resources Africa has to offer such as stone, wood & flotsam from the ocean. We incorporate African art from local artisans into our displays to give them that unmistakable African feel. My influence's come from training in the UK where I ran a landscape gardening firm for 12 years, but also incorporates styles from Japan, Asia & the Mediterranean. We specialise in Patio areas, pools, roof tops, gazebos and turning parts of the garden or trees into focal points.

If you would like to see my work we can arrange for a visit to my show garden, where the Kenyan Horticultural Society regularly visit us. Below are the different plants and sculptures we have on offer at the moment. Prices do not include packaging or courier/transport. All subject to availability.

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Telansia Spanish MossBunch Size
Tillandsia "Old Man's Beard"
Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) is one of my favourite plants of all. The effect you get is unbeatable, literally stops people in their tracks. Orchids love it to grow in and the birds come to use it for their nests.
 Was Ksh.750/- but we have a special deal on of
Ksh. 500/- a bunch
(as seen on the right)

DendrobiumDendrobium in hollow tree stumpDendrobium's FlowerDendrobium in Hollow Tree Stump
Ksh. 15,000/-
The dendrobium is around 5 years old and well established, with two flower spikes that will be flowering in a week or so and a third coming. I have added a few pictures of the flowers this dendrobium produces, these flowers also last well.
The whole piece's dimensions are roughly 1m x 1m x .5m

African MasksSpanish Moss African Masks
These masks make fantastic door or wall hangings, they also look great on trees. The masks are made to order, so you will need to contact me in advance to place an order.

Price really depends on the size of the mask and the amount of Spanish Moss required.
From Ksh. 15,000/- a mask

Orchid Wooden Wall HangingsOrchid Wall HangingsOncidium FloweringOncidium Orchid Wood Wall Hangings
 Oncidium sphacelatum grows into a large plant with inflorescence (flower spikes) up to 2 meters long
(as you can see on the left).
Mature plants mounted on hollow sun backed wood.
Ksh. 5,500/- per wall mount.

Hybrid Desert Rose
These wonderful hybrid desert roses are being imported from India, I need to order from the nursery so contact me so I can arrange delivery and show you the different types available.
 Cost is Ksh. 4,500/- per plant.

Hybrid Desrt RoseHybrid Desert RoseHybrid Desert RoseHybrid Desert RoseHybrid Desert RoseHybrid Desert Rose

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