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kenya big game fishingThe Kenyan coastline has been fished by many intrepid big game fishing adventurers such as Ernest Hemmingway in the past. In the early days Kenya made a name for being one of the best sailfish destinations in the world, with on it's day a run of striped marlin that Hemingway himself commented on being one of the best.

In the last thirty years Kenya's sport fishing industry has gone from strength to strength. With the arrival of the more powerful purpose built sport fishing boats, fishing grounds such as the North Kenya Bank that in the past were fish and safari kenyaonly visited on long well planned expeditions, are now regularly visited on day trips. Twenty years ago broadbill swordfish were not caught, now a double figure night is not uncommon, with the Kenyan fleet at the forefront of a trolling method making fly fishing possible.

Kenya's best feature as a big game fishing destination is the variety of fish available, these include three types of marlin, blue, black and striped, broadbill swordfish, sailfish and many different sharks. Whether you are a hard core marlin fisherman, a fly or light line fisherman, or maybe someone who prefers to jig deep or drift for shark, quietly waiting for the ratchet to scream - what ever your preference we really do have it all.

Kenya is one of the few places in the big game fishing world where a fantasy slam (5 different billfish) is a definite possibility. The first achieved in March 2005, included 2 black marlin, 1 blue marlin, 1 striped marlin, 5 broadbill and 2 sailfish, all released. Then again twice in 2009. The second big advantage is the benign weather close to the equator, making 'blow outs' very rare.
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 The African Billfish Foundation & KASA

The African Billfish FoundationOn the top left of this page are some interesting documents that I have produced for the Kenya Association of Sea Anglers (K.A.S.A.) and the African Billfish Foundation (A.B.F.). Topics range from record sheets and claim forms to numbers of species caught per annum or the effect the moon or weather big game fishing rod & reelhave on the annual catch of individual species.

It is the African Billfish Foundation who are responsible for starting and running the tagging program along the East African coast over the last 20 years. The A.B.F. in the early nineties managed to get boats to tag twenty percent of billfish caught, compared to 2006 when over eighty five percent of billfish were tagged. For more information, membership details and offers, go to

The ABF are running experditions to increase the recovery of billfish tags and the awareness of billfish conservation along the East African seaboard.

Migrating with the Billfish expedition: The Kenya Chapter

Thanks to the relentless efforts of the captains, anglers and crews - 2,529 billfish have been tagged already since the beginning of this 2011/2012 season.

Billfish tagging in the Middle East - Thanks to our representatives in Oman and United Arab Emirates (Luke Chang and Ed Nicholas) we are now running a billfish tagging programme in this region. Our United Arab Emirates counterparts held their first ever billfish tagging tournament in December.

Billfish tagging in the Seychelles Thanks to Captain Ali Harazi and Faizal Suleiman for spreading the word in the Seychelles and deploying our tags.

 About the Author

nick conway, fish and safari kenyawhite bear big game fishing boatFish and Safari Kenya was established in 2002, we have all the top charter boats along the coast on our books. Kenyan big game fishing destination include Lamu, Malindi, Watamu, Kilifi, Mtwapa, Mombasa, Diani, Funzi Island and Shimoni. Whatever part of the Kenyan coast you are visiting we can find the best boat and captain available for the type of fishing you choose to try. With 30 years of experience in the Kenyan big game fishing scene there is not another independent fishing agent that even comes close to the knowledge we have gained over the last three decades. Kenyan Big Game Fishing Charter Rates.

My story starts back in the 70's fishing with my father and Herbie Paul (hand lines and feather jigs in those days). Then fishing in the Kenyan open competitions throughout the 80's and 90's before becoming a professional skipper in 1997 starting with the Kingfisher fleet on Snow Goose then with Pete Darnborough finally ending with White Bear from the Hemingways fleet, until retiring from full time skippering in 2007.

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