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Aqua Ventures - run by Steve Curtis;  is one of the oldest dive companies on the coast. Coming from a military background Safety standards and procedures  are a priority. Steve is one of the most experienced divers on this part of the coast.

Whale SharkSteve heads a team of three professional instructors and a dive master. The local boat captains and crew are all divers themselves, long familiar with the area and dive equipment. Aqua Ventures run three custom made dive boats carrying between 10 - 13 divers. Equipment is available for hire. Aqua Ventures do two 1-tank guided boat dives daily. Night dives and wreck dives can be arranged if sea conditions and tide levels are suitable. Dives take place in the Watamu Marine Park. Both P.A.D.I. and B.S.A.C. courses are available from beginners to Assistant Instructor Level. Qualified divers should bring certification cards and log books. Pool checks are available for those who forget.

Season (Sept. to April) - dive site info - (54kb)

Septemberdives are mainly inside the reef (max. depth 10 meters), due to rough sea conditions.

Octoberdives take place inside & outside the reef depending on sea conditions.

November to Januarydives on the outer reef in general clear, calm conditions, with the chance of seeing a whale shark or two. Visibility between 13-20+ meters.

February to Marchthe water can be cool & visibility variable, with increased fish life/activity with the possibility of seeing whale shark and manta rays. Visibility between 8-20 meters.

April - variable sea & weather conditions, normally deteriorate from late April. Visibility between 10-17 meters.

Potato BassThe dive sites are 10 to 20 minutes boat ride from Watamu. There are 18 dive sites, all are buoyed to prevent anchor damage. Dives generally take place at depths of between 7 to 30 meters along the coral reef. The top of which is covered with an incredible variety of both soft and hard corals, dropping down to a sandy bottom.

Fish life includes various species of colourful reef fish such as Butterfly & Angelfish, Damselfish, schools of Jewel Anthias, Surgeonfish, Snappers, Groupers etc. Then there's the tiny creatures such as Nudibranchs, Frogfish, Leaf fish & Sole. It is also possible to see the bigger marine life such as Barracuda, several species of Rays, Turtles, Reef Sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, Moray Eels, and occasionally, Dolphins Whale Shark and Manta Rays.