Big Game Fishing in Malindi

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Big Game Fishing

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SailfishBig Game Fishing in Malindi - Malindi is situated on the estuary of the Sabaki river, where it's silt laden nutrient rich water belches out to sea attracting amazing numbers of Sailfish, for which Malindi has become world famous. Forty miles straight off Malindi is the southern tip of the N.K.B. that then runs in to a group of mountains and banks about twenty miles out known as the Rips. Closer in are the Malindi bank that runs round to Watamu, and along this ledge are some very interesting marks, leopard reef and a unusually rough area known as the Boiling Pot, where ledges and currents collide to form unusual up wellings and strong currents that can make the fishing seriously good for an amazing variety of species.

Malindi Fleet - Malindi boasts some of the highest catching boats along the coast, two or three have hardly been out of the top five Kenyan boats in the last twenty years. The boats based in this area tend to roam (depending on the fishing) from Ras about about 15 miles north to Watamu 10 miles south. Especially once the Kaskazi (northerly monsoon) starts to blow from December through to March, when the main harbour becomes an unsafe anchorage due to the change in wave patterns.

Black MarlinMalindi Season - the season starts in July, the wind comes from the south known as Kusi (southerly monsoon). The boats tend to fish on the Malindi bank between Malindi and Watamu as this area tends to be more protected at this time of year. On the southern end of the bank a south facing ledge known as the Watamu Banks produces some of the best live bait fishing of the season. Black Marlin can be around in good numbers, with plenty of game fish such as Giant Trevally, Wahoo, Kingfish and Shark. Yellowfin Tuna can also come through in huge numbers with fish caught up to 100kgs.

At the end of September to the beginning of October the wind comes more from the east and calms down considerably. This is now prime Sailfish season through to the end of December when the wind turns, the Kaskazi comes from the north bringing warm rougher water and with it the Marlin. The main three Marlin Blue, Black and Stripped can all be caught over this period on the deeper ledges.  The Marlin season runs through until mid March when the wind turns back to Kusi, coming once again from the south.

Cuda on FlyCreek & Dinghy Fishing - there are creeks to the north and south of Malindi where when conditions are right fishing can be good for many species of Trevally, Barracuda, Queen fish, Flathead, Mangrove Snapper and many more. When calm conditions allow there is a number of reefs about half a mile out that can produce some good light tackle fishing. You will have to arrange these trips in advance and it is advised that you bring your own Spinning or Fly equipment.

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